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Neoris: Strong Growth Despite Crisis

Sales jump at offshore company Neoris despite the global crisis thanks to strong US growth. Next up: Brazil expansion.



Claudio Muruzábal has reason to be celebrating these days. The company he leads, Neoris, marks its tenth anniversary this year. And despite the global crisis, his company managed to boost sales by 40 percent last year.

The main reason for the success? Neoris’ nearshore outsourcing offer. ”We are bringing to
Europe and the U.S. a solution that [has] a very compelling cost,” Muruzábal says. “That has been generating a lot of sales.”

As both
Europe and the United States were particularly hard hit by the crisis, cost-saving alternatives like the ones offered by companies like Neoris proved to be a recession-buster.

“We are presenting ourselves as a very attractive alternative,” he says. “That position continues to be having a lot of traction. And continue to perform for us in a very positive way.”


In fact, the United States was the fastest-growing market for Neoris last year despite the country’s 2.4 percent fall in GDP.  


Meanwhile, sales in Mexico also grew despite a whopping GDP decline of 6.5 percent. “There’s a...


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