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Latin America’s Best Websites

Latin America's 50 best websites for business, economics and corporate data.


The editorial staff of Latin Business Chronicle has selected the 50 best websites in Latin America for business, economics and company data.

The list includes companies, central banks, investment agencies and multilaterals. They have been selected for their combination of useful content, attractive design and easy navigation.

The list has several purposes. First, it is aimed at saving time for our readers when they do research on a given country or company. Second, we want to acknowledge excellence in Latin America’s fast-growing base of web sites.

We have grouped the sites by country.







This is a clear model for other companies in Latin America. It provides extensive information on Petrobras, has a simple and attractive design that makes it easy to find information and easy navigation. The English-language version is even better than the original Portuguese-language version, both in terms of design and factors such as providing a direct link to the annual report from the homepage without first going to the investor relations section. (This is not an option offered on the Portuguese-language version).



Overall Content: Very good

Navigation: Very good.

Design: Very good

Annual report link from homepage: Yes.

English version: Yes

Annual reports on site: 12

PDF and digital version of annual report: No. (Only 2008 was both in PDF and digital)




Keywords: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Panregional



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