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Calderon, CEO’s Honored With Bravo

Prominent business executives from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Costa Rica to be honored in this year's BRAVO.


Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Chilean Finance Minister Andres Velasco are among the recipients of this year's BRAVO Business Awards scheduled to be held October 30, 2009 in Miami. They join a several prominent CEO's from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Costa Rica that will also be honored.


Calderon will receive the Leader of the Year award in “recognition of his outstanding leadership in Mexico during one of the most challenging periods in that country’s history,” said Jane Bussey, editorial director of Latin Trade.


Velasco, meanwhile, will receive the award for Most Innovative Leader for overseeing a stabilization fund that stockpiled almost $20 billion from the copper price spike of 2002-2007 and is now being used for tax breaks and subsidies in the economic downturn.

Other winners include:


This year’s event marks the 15th time BRAVO has been awarded.  The awards ceremony – an event often referred to as the Oscars of Latin American business – will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami on October 30, 2009.

The awards ceremony will take place in conjunction with the LATIN TRADE Symposium, to be held in the morning on the same day. The symposium, organized in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Americas Society/Council of the Americas, will focus on the hemisphere’s response to the global economic crisis, a look at how Latin American companies are giving back to their communities and how Mexico is meeting the current challenges.


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