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Chile Richest in Latin America

Chile replaces Mexico as Latin America's wealthiest country in GDP per capita terms.



Chile has replaced Mexico as Latin America’s richest country, as measured by GDP per capita purchasing power parity, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of new estimates from the International Monetary Fund.


Chile’s GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity in international dollars stands at $14,299, a 1.6 percent decline from last year. However, that’s higher than any other country in Latin America.

Argentina has the second-highest per capita -- $14,126, which was a 2.8 percent decline. Yet, because of a larger decline in Mexico’s GDP per capita, Argentina now ranks second in Latin America.

Mexico’s GDP per capita fell by 6.8 percent to $13,542.

In other noticeable changes, Uruguay replaced Venezuela as the fourth-richest country, while Peru replaced the Dominican Republic as the ninth-richest country.


To see the full ranking and changes from 2008, please click on the link below.

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