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AvNews, USA, October 8, 2009



Is the title in today’s article in Latin Business Chronicle by Chronicle staff. A fascinating update, with the opening statement: “Mexico will outperform Brazil in the next five years, while Panama will lead Latin America in GDP growth, the IMF forecasts.” It is definitely a ‘must read’ article with a chart showing individual country performance in GDP growth between 2010 and 2014. The chart is based on IMF’s World Economic Outlook and Latin Business Chronicle’s calculations of average 2010-2014 growth. While Panama will have Latin America’s highest GDP growth in the five years, at 6.5% average, Venezuela will have the lowest. Other growth stars are Peru, up an average 5.6%; the Dominican Republic, up 5.2% and Chile, up 4.9%. Other counties that will see average growth include El Salvador, up 2.7%; Guatemala, up 3.1%; Haiti, up 3.4%; Uruguay, up 3.7%; Bolivia, up 3.7% and Brazil, up 3.6%. For the complete article and chart, go to www.latinbusinesschronicle.com – How about that?

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