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LBC 100: The Ranking

Latin America's 100 most powerful businessmen and women.


The LBC 100 grouped by country of the companys headquarters. For the key power players from U.S.-based companies, see "USA," for example.


Woods Staton, president and CEO of Arcos Dorados, the main McDonald’s franchisee in Latin America, with more than 1,750 McDonalds restaurants, 1,200 dessert centers and 200 McCafe units in 19 countries. Last year it posted revenues of $3.5 billion and employed more than 100,000 people. Staton also briefly served as chairman of drink bottler Panamerican Beverages (Panamco) before was sold to Femsa for $3.5 billion in 2002. Staton, a grandson of Panamco founder Albert Staton, also served as director of Panamco for 20 years.

Sebastian Eskenazi, CEO of YPF. With annual sales of $10.1 billion, it’s the tenth-largest energy company in Latin America and ranks 26 on the LBC 500. He assumed the top job at YPF in March last year after Spanish owner Repsol sold a 15 percent stake in YPF to the Peterson Group controlled by the Eskenazi family for $2.3 billion.

Luis Pagani, president and CEO of candymaker Arcor. It boasts ...

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