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Petrobras: Latin America’s Largest Company

Brazilian oil giant is Latin America’s largest company, according to the LBC500.


Brazilian oil giant Petrobras has replaced Mexican oil company Pemex as Latin Americas largest company, according to the LBC500 - the ranking of Latin Americas 500 largest companies from Latin Business Chronicle. The ranking is based on 2008 revenue data from Economatica and individual companies.

Petrobras saw revenues jump by 34.8 percent last year to $118.3 billion. Meanwhile, Pemex saw a 16.8 percent increase to $98.2 billion.

According to the 2008 report for Venezuelas oil company PDVSA  -- released Sunday -- the firm posted revenues last year of $126.4 billion, which would make it larger than Petrobras.  However, there are widespread doubts about the firms numbers.

Total income [is] more like $84 billion, close to Pemexs but much lower than Petrobras,” estimates Gustavo Coronel, a former member of the board of PDVSA. “I think the income is even lower than that, because I believe production is much lower than they claim.”

Also Roberto Bottome, editor of the Caracas-based newsletter VenEconomy, doubts PDVSA’s production numbers. “I believe PDVSAs production figures are fudged,” he says.

As a result, PDVSA was not included in this years LBC500.

While Petrobras and Pemex dominate the list, there are also other giants. They include Brazilian...

LBC 500: Ranking of Latin Americas 500 largest companies


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