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Latin Billionaires: $123 Billion Fortune

Latin America's 31 billionaires now have a combined fortune of $123 billion. Only one - Brazil's Eike Batista - is gaining.



Latin America’s billionaires now have a combined fortune of $123.3 billion, which is almost as much as Peru’s total GDP and more than Pemex (Latin Americas largest company) generates in annual revenues, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of Forbes data.  


However, that represents a decline of $81.8 billion compared to 12 months ago, Forbes estimates.


While Mexican mogul Carlos Slim, the world’s third-richest man, accounts for a considerable part of the decline, nearly all of Latin America’s other billionaires have been hit as well. In fact, the region now boasts 31 billionaires versus 35 a year ago. The numbers include Lily Safra, a Brazilian native who is a Monaco citizen living in the United Kingdom.


Of the 31 billionaires, 26 saw declines compared to a year earlier. Three saw no change in their estimated fortune, while one – Brazil’s wealthiest man, Eike Batista – actually gained. The ranking also includes one newcomer.


’s billionaires have a combined fortune of $41.3 billion, our analysis shows. That’s almost as much as the total GDP of the Dominican Republic. Compared to last year, Brazil’s billionaires have seen a decline of $24.8 billion, Forbes estimates.


Brazil now has five fewer billionaires, including...


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