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LBC Goes Daily

Latin Business Chronicle sets new traffic and sales records -- and changes its format.


Last year marked a new milestone for Latin Business Chronicle. Traffic and sales set new records. Now, it marks another milestone - going daily for the first time.

"Our growing number of readers spoke loud and clear last year that there's a need for the type of content we publish," says Joachim Bamrud, editor-in-chief of Latin Business Chronicle. "As a result we have decided to provide even more current information by changing our publishing format from weekly to daily."

The new daily format won't change the unique coverage from Latin Business Chronicle, but rather provide a way to be even more current, Bamrud adds.

The number of hits reached a monthly average of 2.0 million last year, an increase of 33.3 percent from 2007. Page views jumped 53.2 percent to 1.0 million, while the number of unique visitors grew by 23.8 percent to 22,550.

Meanwhile, revenues grew by 5.7 percent thanks to a 58.3 percent jump in subscription sales, which helped offset a 78.6 percent decline in advertising sales.

Last year's traffic growth was helped by the launch of Latin America's Top 500 Companies as well as increased knowledge of Latin Business Chronicle thanks to extensive press coverage, Bamrud says. The naming of Peruvian President Alan Garcia as Leader of the Year and our indexes of globalization, technology, security and business all got considerable media attention.

Despite the crisis in the United States, Latin Business Chronicle should see further growth this year in both traffic and sales, partly helped by the new format and partly because there's continued strong demand for information on Latin America's business, economy and technology, he predicts.  

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