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Investor’s Business Daily, USA, Dec.23, 2008

Tue Dec 23 20:28:03 UTC 2008
Big, shambling Alan Garcias, President of Peru, has been named leader of the year by Latin Business Chronicle. He's a great choice, but a very interesting character, too. Back in the 1980s, he was a pain in the keister to President Ronald Reagan, a loudmouth leftist who left his country a pile of rubble. He's changed since getting elected again in 2006, and boy is he a different man. Not only has he brought confidence and prosperity to Peru in the second go-round, he's also delivered one public smackdown to Hugo Chavez after another. The thug of Caracas does not impress or intimidate him. He's bigger than Chavez, after all, but he's also wiser, perhaps seeing his old self in the preening parrot of Venezuela and being thoroughly tired of it. Alan Garcia has done very well this time round and deserves his kudos as leader of the year. Go, Alan!




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