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Terra Expands, Revamps

Terra expands its operations - and revamps its content - even in the midst of a financial crisis.


SÃO PAULO, Brazil — On the day Germany knocked Argentina out the 2006 World Cup, Terra put two videos up on its web portal. The first was professionally shot footage of the Argentine defeat. The second was from an amateur cameraman showing a jeep burning on a garage forecourt in southern Brazil.

The first video was watched around 200,000 times, no surprise given that Brazilians revel in the fall of their ancient soccer rival. The second, though, an inane video of an anonymous mishap was accessed around 320,000 times.


It was numeric proof that citizen reporting and user-generated content can spur huge interest at little cost, says Terra President Fernando Madeira. And it helped prompt Terra, the largest Internet company in Latin America with 60 million unique visitors a month, into its biggest overhaul in years.

"People want to hear from the...

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