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Latin America: Winners & Losers

Winners and losers in Latin America amidst the growing global crisis.


With the financial uncertainty growing every day, its hard to make any predictions about the future. But based on the information we have available today, its clear that some countries will fare better than others. 

Brazil and Mexico, the regions two largest economies, are both being hit by the crisis, albeit by different degrees.

Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador are among the big losers, while Central America and the Dominican Republic also will be negatively affected. On the other end are countries like Peru and Panama, which will fare better. In between are countries like Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

In terms of sectors, they may vary from country to country, but in general terms the key losers will be retail, construction, real estate, tourism and shipping. Sectors like technology will also be affected, although wireless telephony may continue to see good growth despite the crisis.


Mexico, Latin Americas second-largest economy, is seeing "a perfect storm" of challenges, including reduced exports...

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