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Argentina Exports Beauty

Argentine beauty products company successfully moves beyond its local market through exports to the United States and elsewhere.


BUENOS AIRES — Argentina is world-renowned for its beautiful women, a group that is extremely selective when it comes to beauty care products. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that a successful hair care and cosmetics company from this South American country is taking off in other regional markets and in the United States.  


Founded in 1978, Biferdil just celebrated its 30th anniversary with a 500-guest party at the exclusive Hilton hotel in an upscale waterfront district of Buenos Aires. Its beginnings, however, were much more modest as the company started out selling only a few products oriented toward healthy hair and scalp. Over the years, it expanded and diversified its portfolio, and today Biferdil boasts over 300 products ranging from hair color and shampoos to cosmetics and sun protection. Remaining faithful to its marketing slogan Because beauty starts with health, most of Biferdil’s products work to protect and beautify at the same time, serving both pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes in treating common skin and hair ailments.   

Biferdil president Pablo Tenenbaum declined to give revenue figures or details, but did share information on its international sales share. Argentina makes up...

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