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US & Brazil Spur Softtek Growth

The U.S. and Brazilian markets are helping Softtek post strong growth this year.


The U.S. economic slowdown may be bad news for many companies, but not Mexico-based Softtek. The IT company is seeing growing demand for its outsourcing services. The United States is actually the company's fastest-growing market this year.

"In our case, a slowdown represents an opportunity to put on the table a more efficient proposal for companies that face shortages in their budgets," says Softtek CEO Blanca Treviño. "The CIO budget is smaller than they used to have [but] still they have the same kind of challenge or goals. So they look to work offshore to ...achieve those goals."


Thank to the U.S. increase, as well as solid growth in Brazil and increases in its home market of Mexico, Softtek is headed for another strong year. "We're growing above the industry average," Treviño says. "We have managed to grow above 20-25 percent."

Last year, revenues reached...

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