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iPhone Boosts Replacement Market

Latin America's wireless market grows solidly in the second quarter, with Nokia boosting its gap to Motorola.


The launch of US-based Apples iPhone in Latin America will help boost the replacement market at a time when many markets are becoming saturated and penetration rates are higher than ever, experts say.  Meanwhile, Finland-based Nokia continues to be the market leader, while its nearest rival - Motorola - is losing market share. 

"Penetration rates are going through the roof [and are] higher than we expected," says Gartner analyst Tuong Nguyen. "A lot of sales [going forward] will be upgrading [and] replacements as opposed to new sales."

And thats where the iPhone comes in. Although its price - often significantly higher than in the United States - will be out of range for most Latin Americans, the buzz around it is bringing more consumers into the stores and boosting their consciousness about the options for wireless phones, according to Nguyen.  

"Its not going to be ...

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