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Toshiba sales in Latin America are growing strongly. Agustín Corona, Latin America commercial director, explains why.


Japan-based Toshiba is growing strongly in Latin America. It posted sales growth of 80 percent last year and expects to reach 100 percent growth this year thanks to growing demand for notebooks and fast-paced markets like Colombia, Argentina and Peru. Agustin Corona, Toshibas Latin America commercial director for computing systems, talks to Latin Business Chronicle about the results and outlook.

Latin Business Chrionicle: Were you happy with the 2007 results in Latin America?

Corona: Yes, were happy with the 2007 results since we grew by 80 percent over 2006. We signed new direct accounts in several countries and boosted our personnell in the countries by 300 percent. We have a stronger structure in service and we gained marketshare.  

In which markets did you see the strongest growth?

The strongest growth took place in markets like Chile, Argentina...

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