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Petroleumworld, Venezuela, June 24, 2008

Lies with stats

Venezuela: Latin America's Richest?

Venezuela will replace Chile as Latin America's GDP per capita champion and Argentina as the region's third-largest economy. Venezuela will replace Chile as the country with the region's highest GDP per capita and Argentina as the region's third-largest economy, according to a Latin Business Chronicle analysis of data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Venezuela's GDP per capita is estimated to reach $11,933 this year. That's higher than the estimated figure for Chile of $10,126. The IMF estimates also show that Venezuela's GDP is set to reach $334.7 billion this year, while that of Argentina will likely end up at $323.8 billion. THEY SAID THANKS TO THE OIL MONEY. All I can say, is that I live here and the oil money is not showing in the hands of the 25 plus millions of habitants of this poor country.For more than 70 years with have been blessed with the oil money, and in return with a high GDP, but you no see nothing to show for it. I guess all the money have gone to fuel governments that have dilapidated such fortunes. In who's interested? in the corrupt private and public industries and operators of the so called democratic governments and now Bolivarian revolution.

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