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Uruguay is challenging Chile as the top technology nation in Latin America. But Cuba remains unchallenged as the worst.


Helped by a strong increase in wireless, PC, Internet and broadband penetration, Latin America is boosting its technology level, according to the third annual Latin Technology Index from Latin Business Chronicle.

The index of 20 countries provides a unique comparison of the technology level of each Latin American country by looking at the penetration rates of Internet, broadband Internet, personal computers (PCs), wireless subscribers and fixed telephone lines. It uses 2007 technology data from Computer Industry Almanac, the International Telecommunications Union and the Santiago Chamber of Commerce and population data from the International Monetary Fund and the Population Reference Bureau.

All countries improved their score, albeit at different levels. El Salvadors score improved most, while Honduras and Nicaragua were the worst when it came to changing their technology level. Meanwhile, Venezuela has replaced Costa Rica as the Latin American nation with the fourth-highest technology level.

Chile remains the Latin American nation with the highest technology level, while Cuba again is the worst. However, Chile needs to watch out. Uruguay...

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Winners & Losers
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