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Living in Peru, Peru, May 23, 2008

Latin Business Chronicle: Peru third best country to invest in

Peru is considered as the third most suitable country to do business in Latin America, according to the index of the prestigious weekly Latin American Business Chronicle.

Chile ranked first, followed by Panama and Brazil ranked ninth, while the worst countries for investments are Venezuela and Haiti, as well as Bolivia, Nicaragua and Honduras.

The Latin Business Index, put together by Latin Business Chronicle, measures the business climate in 19 Latin American countries and considers five major factors and 27 subcategories.

For example, the macroeconomic, corporate and political environment, the situation of each country in terms of globalization and competitiveness, and technological level.

Despite being the world's third largest oil producer, Venezuela was ranked as the worst country in the region because it has the lowest score in macroeconomic and corporate environment, and the second worst scoring in political environment, behind Haiti.

The Latin Business Chronicle is a weekly Web site that specializes in Latin American business. It has over 20,000 readers a month, mostly executives of multinational companies like Exxon Mobil, Hewlett-Packard and General Motors.

News source: ANDINA

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