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Digicel is hoping to copy its Caribbean telecom success to Panama, El Salvador and Honduras.


Haiti may not be at the top of most investors priorities these days, but that isnt stopping several companies from reporting successful results. Take Digicel Group, the Irish telecom company, which offers wireless telecom services to six million subscribers in 23 markets in the Caribbean and Central America. "Digicel has enjoyed phenomenal success in Haiti that has exceeded our expectations," says Digicel Group CEO Colm Delves.

It now hopes to parlay that success to markets like El Salvador, Honduras and Panama. Digicel won a license in Panama on May 7 after bidding $86 million. It is a privately-held company that does not disclose revenue figures for individual markets. Irish billionaire Dennis O’Brien, who founded Digicel Group in 2001 after selling his Irish phone company Esat Telecom Group Plc to British Telecommunications eight years ago, placed $1.4 billion of high-yield Digicel bonds last year.


While Haiti is still seen as one of the riskiest countries in Latin America for business, it is slowly, but surely, making progress on the political and economic front. President Rene Preval last week celebrated his second...

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