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APC: Latin Sales Surge

Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia are helping boost APC sales in Latin America.


Fernando Garcia is bullish on Latin America. As vice president for Latin America for U.S.-based American Power Conversion (APC) he is seeing dramatic growth. "Were growing 40-50 percent annually the past four years," he says.

APC, which was acquired by France-based Schneider Electric last year, does not disclose Latin America revenue figures. The company produces uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices, surge protectors, precision cooling products and more.  Since many Latin American countries have not invested sufficiently in improving the distribution and generation of electricity, frequent power shortages and unstable electricity supplies are common. That helps drive demand for APC products. “Electricity…supply is not meeting demand,” Garcia says.

Brazil and Mexico are the top markets, roughly accounting for 25 percent each of total APC sales in Latin America. Thereafter, other key markets include Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Central America, especially Costa Rica and Panama, is also a key market.

"Brazils...economic confidence is very strong, foreign investment is growing every day and the government is investing in technology," Garcia says. "The middle class is growing."

And unlike Mexico, Brazil will likely be less hit by a U.S. economic...

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