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LBC Sets New Records

Latin Business Chronicle is boosting traffic and revenue figures.


Latin Business Chronicle is setting new records in traffic and revenues. In the first quarter, the number of hits reached a monthly average of 1.9 million, or 51.7 percent higher than the same period last year. The monthly average pageviews grew by 70 percent to 863,967.  Meanwhile, the number of unique visitors grew by 22.6 percent to a monthly average of 20,612.

Last, but not least, revenues grew by 33 percent, thanks to growth in new subscriptions and renewals of existing ones. Among new subscribers in the first quarter are companies like Continental Airlines, Jones Lang La Salle, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Siemens, UBS, UPS and SAP. They join a prominent roster of Fortune 500 companies like Exxon Mobil, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, Chevron and General Electric.


"We are starting the year very strongly," says Joachim Bamrud, editor-in-chief of Latin Business Chronicle. "And thanks to our journal becoming more and more known and the demand for Latin American business information growing, we expect the trend to continue through 2008."

Latin America typically grows faster than global sales for leading multinationals and in many cases it's the fastest-growing area, according to a recent Latin Business Chronicle analysis.

During the first quarter, Latin Business Chronicle was quoted extensively in media in Latin America, the United States and Europe - partly thanks to special reports on China-Latin American trade, the Latin Security Index and Latin America's Top 100 M&A's. US and European media that quoted Latin Business Chronicle included Wired, The Deal, the International Herald Tribune and CNNenEspanol.


One month alone - March - set an all-time high in pageviews -  a whopping 970,316 - or nearly one million. That also represents an increase of 84.6 percent from March 2007.  March also represented the second-best month ever in terms of hits and unique visitors.

The strong first quarter follows a record performance last year, when Latin Business Chronicle registered a total of 17.5 million hits, an increase of 146.5 percent over 2006.  Meanwhile, the number of page views grew by 192.6 percent to 7.9 million. The monthly average last year was 1.5 million hits and 658,100 page views. Unique visitors averaged 18, 221 per month. 

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