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AvNews, eNews Daily, USA, March 27, 2008


Is the headline in this week’s Latin Business Chronicle’s Joachim Bamrud in depth analysis of China’s growing presence and importance in Latin America. He starts out with the fact that China and Peru have signed a series of business ties between the two countries aimed at boosting business. He also points out that the two countries plan to finalize a free trade agreement by November when Peru is hosting the APEC summit. Total trade with Latin America was $102.2 billion with growth of 46.2% in 2007. The Chile’s exports to China grew $5.9 billion, while Argentina grew by $4.2 billion and Mexico with $3.6 billion. Brazil posted the strongest growth - $94. billion. In terms of percentage growth, Colombia was the big winner with a 90.7% increase in 2007. And China invested $641 million in the region in 2007! For the complete, “must read” article, go to www.latinbusinesschronicle.com


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