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Venezuela’s Wireless Boom

Wireless in general, and GSM in particular, is exploding in Venezuela. Meanwhile, the overall economy is deteriorating.


Venezuela may be hit by growing food shortages and political tension with neighboring Colombia, but wireless telecommunications is growing significantly.

Minoru Itaya, president of Sony Ericsson in Latin America, singles out Venezuela (along with Brazil) as the companys top growth markets in the region.  "The rapid-growing markets are Brazil and Venezuela so we are putting a lot of focus on these two markets," he tells Latin Business Chronicle. (See Q&A: Minoru Itaya, Sony Ericsson).

Venezuela is the fastest-growing market in Latin America for wireless telecommunications using GSM technology, according to Erasmo Rojas, director of Latin America and the Caribbean for 3G Americas, an industry group promoting GSM.

Those developments come on top of news that Venezuela last year represented the second-highest growth market in Latin America for Spanish...

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