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Chevron: Brazil, Colombia Growth

Chevron's downstream business is growing in Brazil, Colombia and Panama.


Chevrons downstream business is growing in markets like Brazil, Colombia and Panama, according to  Bereket Haregot, the companys vice president for Latin America Global Marketing.

From his offices in Coral Gables - a popular business hub in Miami-Dade county - Haregot oversees an operation that spans 43 countries and 2,500 employees.

Chevron does not provide revenue or profit figures for Latin America, but last year the company as a whole posted international downstream income of $2.5 billion, an increase of 24.6 percent from 2006.  

Through the Texaco brand, Chevron operates more than 5,000 service stations and 600 convenience stores throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

"We try to run our operations very cost-effective," Haregot says. "Weve done relatively OK."

Chevron is the market leader in service stations in Central America and...

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