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LBC 2007: Most Popular Articles

The most popular special reports, commentaries, analysis and perspectives in Latin Business Chronicle in 2007.


Venezuela garnered much of the attention of our readers last year, but also other countries and topics were popular - including Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and China, according to our analysis of the most-read stories of 2007. Venezuela: Boom or Bust? was the most popular special report, followed by GDP Outlook 2008: Venezuela Worst, Panama Best.

Meanwhile, Latin America's Nationalist Mistakes was the most popular commentary, while Costa Rica & CAFTA: What Next? was the most popular analysis.

And China Undermines U.S. in Latin America - based on a report from the China-Latin America Task Force at the Center for Hemispheric Policy - was the most popular Perspective column, followed by North American Summit: More or Less? by Robert Pastor and Ethanol Push: Pork Barrel Boondoggle by Ernest C. Pasour and Randal R. Rucker.

Here is a complete list of the 10 most popular articles in three categories - Special Reports, Commentary & Analysis and Perspectives:


1) Venezuela: Boom or Bust?
2) GDP Outlook 2008: Venezuela Worst, Panama Best
3) Costa Rica Real Estate: Strong Outlook
4) Cuba's Health System Better Than US?
5) Ecuador: Dollarization in Danger?
6) Latin Security: Best & Worst
7) Canal Urged to Revise Toll Plans
8) Tourism Winners: El Salvador and Panama
9) Latin America Boosts NewMarket Growth
10) Panama: Regional Champion


1) Latin America's Nationalist Mistakes
2) Chavez vs Bush: The Real Story 
3) Costa Rica & CAFTA: What Next?
4) Venezuela: More Corruption and Inefficiency
5) Venezuela: Still Negative Outlook
6) Dealing With Latin Populists
7) Unfair Treatment of Colombia
8) Latin Left: Authoritarian & Undemocratic
9) Ecuador Oil: More Trouble Ahead
10) Approve Colombia FTA Now


1) China Undermines U.S. in Latin America By Center for Hemispheric Policy
2) North American Summit: More or Less? By Robert Pastor
3) Ethanol Push: Pork Barrel Boondoggle By E. Pasour and R. Rucker
4) What is the Problem with Chavez? By Michael Shifter
5) Venezuelan Intrusion in Bolivia By Jorge Landivar Roca
6) Poverty in Panama By Robert Baker
7) Venezuela Oil: Wiped Out! By Veneconomy
8) China, Taiwan and the Battle for Latin America By D. Erikson and J. Chen
9) Costa Rica’s CAFTA Choice By John Murphy
10) Bush: Free Trade Benefits US Workers By George W. Bush


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