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CAFTA Benefits Honduras

Honduras is benefiting from CAFTA, local and foreign business executives say.


Honduras implemented CAFTA in April last year, but experts say the country is already seing the benefits of the treaty.

"CAFTA has had a very positive impact in Honduras," says Mario Vargas, Country Manager, DHL Express Honduras. "The most important result we have observed so far is the steady growth of foreign investment taking place in the country."

Honduran exports to the United States grew by 7 percent in the first half of this year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That follows a 0.8 percent decline last year.


Honduras is Central America's second-largest exporter of goods and services to United States. Only Costa Rica exports more.  Its exports to the United States last year were larger than those of El Salvador and Nicaragua combined.

Juan M. Canahuati, president of Grupo Lovable (a major textile and apparel exporter and one of the largest employers in Honduras), says CAFTA has benefited Honduras by eliminating the Honduran export quotas for the US market, improving...


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