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Latin Business Chronicle is the online journal on Latin America's business and technology.


Miami-based Latin Business Chronicle offers the trends beyond the daily headlines, through in-depth reports and commentaries. We also provide unique rankings on Latin America's Top 500 Companies, Top 100 M&A’s, Latin America’s Top 50 Ports and the widely-quoted Latin Business Index, Latin Technology Index and Latin Security Index and Latin Globalization Index (all four the first of their kind). Latin Business Chronicle also provides updated statistics on Latin American trade with the United States, Europe, Canada and China, Latin America’s GDP and GDP per capita and more as well as a comprehensive section with updated data on topics ranging from billionaires and poverty to corruption and globalization in Latin America. Latin Business Chronicle also publishes a daily news service, Daily Latin Business News, geared toward busy executives who want to quickly see the key business headlines on Latin America.


David Berger, Managing Director,
Latin America and Caribbean, NAI Global

I would like to congratulate you for a first rate quality e-news source for business, industry trends and related news in Latin America. Your e-journal is my First Stop when researching topics of interest. It amazes me how you are able to consistently provide such good information on a variety of subjects. Your articles are insightful and extremely helpful for my business. We advise a wide range of industries and companies in the region and your news helps us to stay abreast and, in some cases, even stay ahead of our competition in significant small ways. Additionally, your articles are a great way to keep our clients apprised of what is occurring in the region since they generally oversee all the Americas, and it helps us to stay in front of our clients in a helpful and positive manner.Gentlemen and Ladies of the LBC, please keep up the excellent work.


Latin Business Chronicle has been quoted by such media as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today and The Miami Herald and such institutions as the World Economic Forum, The World Bank and the Council on Foreign Relations. We have also been selected as an Editor’s Choice by InfoBrazil, while 3Clix.com says we provide "intelligent and current analysis of the large economic issues that face Latin America. Here are some examples:

The New York Times, Jan. 30, 2009
President Lula’s...decision, however, didn’t go over well with the editorial board of the Latin Business Chronicle. “At a time when Brazil is entering a significant economic slowdown, Lula disappointingly prefers hobnobbing with anti-Capitalist demagogues instead of vitally-needed foreign investors,” the newspaper said in an editorial Friday.

The Miami Herald, December 15, 2008
Most Latin American countries increased their roles in the world economy through trade, foreign investment, Internet penetration and other measures in 2007, according to a new report released by Miami-based Latin Business Chronicle.

Christian Science Monitor, September 25, 2008
Making matters worse, the violence is taking a serious toll on Mexico's economy, reports the Latin Business Chronicle

Investor's Business Daily, August 19, 2008
A Latin Business Chronicle analysis shows $12.2 billion in U.S.-Colombian trade in the first half, up 54% from the same period last year

Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2008
Given [Ecuador President Rafael Correa's] behavior, it's not surprising the country has the second-lowest rate of foreign direct investment in Latin America as a share of GDP, according to the Latin Business Chronicle.

Newsweek, July 8, 2008
McCain should know this already, because he said it himself on May 20, in an article he wrote for Miami's Latin Business Chronicle.

Wired News, February 5, 2008
Auto production in Mexico topped 2 million units last year, according to the Latin Business Chronicle.

The Wall Street Journal, October 30, 2007
PetroEcuador, described by the Latin Business Chronicle as "widely seen as one of the most inefficient state oil companies in Latin America."

Bloomberg, March 7, 2007
Latin American sales to the U.S. rose 13.3 percent to $331.9 billion, according to Latin Business Chronicle. 

Financial Times, February 9, 2007
“The flow of investment dollars into Panama continues at a breathtaking pace,” Paul McBride of the Prima Panama consultancy told the Latin Business Chronicle website.

Motley Fool, November 23, 2007
Brazil’s "tax complexity bedevils small business to such a degree that it drives most under the table," according to the Latin Business Chronicle

USA Today, October 24, 2006
American Airlines says its Latin American routes performed "particularly strong" during the third quarter, according to the Latin Business Chronicle.


Council of the Americas, Weekly Roundup, July 16, 2008
The region had another record-breaking year in terms of tourism in 2007, reports Latin Business Chronicle.  

Council on Foreign Relations, USA, Daily Brief, January 30, 2008

Venezuela: The Latin Business Chronicle examines Venezuela’s prospects for business growth following a referendum vote against President Hugo Chavez’s proposed constitutional changes. The journal concludes that nothing substantive has happened to change its prior negative outlook.

US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, October 30, 2007

As Prime Minister Harper recently said in an article in the Latin Business Chronicle, Colombia needs its democratic friends to lean forward and give them a chance at partnership and trade with North America.

Inter-American Development Bank president
Luis Alberto Moreno, March 10, 2006

Panama is the most globalized economy in the Americas, according to a recent ranking by Latin Business Chronicle



Joachim Bamrud, Editor-in-Chief
Bamrud, a former editor-in-chief of Latin Trade magazine, is an award-winning journalist with more than 25 years experience covering Latin America for U.S., European and Latin American media, including Reuters, UPI, The Miami Herald, Christian Science Monitor, Global  Finance, WorldBusiness, NewsMax and Detroit News. He is also the author of Panama Jack, a spy novel set in Panama and China.

Ronald Buchanan, Mexico Correspondent
Buchanan is a Scottish-born journalist who has lived in Mexico for more than 15 years, reporting for a wide range of media in the United States and Britain, including the Financial Times. He was the founding editor of the Mexico City Times and is a former executive editor of the international edition of the London-based daily The Guardian.

Mike Ceaser, Colonbia Correspondent
Ceaser is an American journalist who is based in Bogota. He has covered Colombia for various media, including the BBC, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News.

Dana Ford, Peru Correspondent
Ford is based in Lima, where she covers Peru for Reuters.

Janie Hulse Najenson, Argentina Correspondent
Hulse is an American journalist who is based in Buenos Aires, where she has reported for various media, including Economist Intelligence Unit.

Gideon Long, Chile Corresponent
Long is a British journalist based in Santiago.  He also covers Chile for such media as BBC, Time and The Miami Herald.

Thierry Ogier, Brazil Correspondent
Ogier is a French journalist who has covered Brazil for the past 10 years for various media, including Economist Intelligence Unit, Financial Times, BBC and Les Echos.

John Sweeney, Venezuela Correspondent
Sweeney is an American journalist based in Caracas.  He also covers Venezuela for such media as UPI.

In addition, we publish contributions from leading experts on Latin America, including Eric Farnsworth, Jerry Haar, Jeremy Martin, Walter Molano and Peter Rösler.



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