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Costa Rica: Bahia Escondida Targets US

Affluent U.S. sports fishermen are among the key the target audience of Bahia Escondida, the new resort underway in Costa Rica.


More than twenty years after United Fruit left the Costa Rican coastal town of Golfito, the Americans are coming back. Only this time, its not to export bananas, but tourism.

It wont be just another hotel project in Costa Ricas booming hospitality market, though. Instead, Bahia Escondida will combine a 217-slip marina with the close interaction of the town of Golfito and a lush rainforest.  And the target will be a limited number of upscale clients attracted by the size, location and amenities of the new resort.

"Were not marketing ourselves as a mega-resort," says James Lynskey, the developer of the resort. Its a lifestyle for only a handful of people."

A native of Miami, Lynskey moved to Costa Rica in 1993 after visiting the Central American country on vacation several times the previous five years. "The first time I went to Costa Rica...I became enthralled with the country," he says. "Beautiful beaches, not like the Caribbean, but so much more to offer -  rainforest and waterfalls you don’t find in typical Caribbean islands."

After five years of preparation, the new resort is now set for opening during...

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