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New York Observer, USA, August 20, 2007

The Morning Read: Monday, August 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton said she regrets giving President Bush the authority to go to war.

One apparently important player in the plot to discredit Joe Bruno is Daniel Weise, a State Power Authority employee and friend of Eliot Spitzer.

Weise tells the Daily News that he has "always had the utmost respect for Sen. Bruno.”

Eliot Spitzer is spending time with Michael Bloomberg.

A malfunctioning pipe may have prevented water from reaching the Deutsche Bank fire that killed two firemen.

The Caucus has a minute-by-minute account of the Democratic debate.

Adam Nagourney watches Rudy Giuliani try to identify with farmers as he campaigns in rural America.

Gay activists attacking Giuliani make news in England.

Latin Business Chronicle says Hillary has a “mixed record” on free trade, and rates Mitt Romney and John McCain as the best on the issue.

Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer is now trying to overturn the metal bat ban here.

Col Allan was blamed for taking Australian politicians to a strip club.

The Times editorial board wants changes in the state comptroller’s office.

Joe Lieberman says it’s time to focus on suicide bombers [subscription].

S.T. Karnick makes the case for Mike Huckabee.

And Huckabee, among all the presidential candidates, is the vacation king.

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