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Mexico Violence May Get Worse

Mexico's president faces violence from drug cartels and guerrillas and it will likely get worse before it gets better, experts warn.


Local and foreign investors are growing worried about the rising violence in Mexico, although support for the security strategy of President Felipe Calderon remains high.

Last week, Mexican police discovered a car bomb  inside the garage of the 59-story Torre Mayor building in Mexico City - the country's tallest building and home to offices of companies like Apple, Barclays, Marsh & McLennan and Western Union, according to Bloomberg.

So far, it is not clear who was behind the bomb, but suspects range from guerrilla groups EPR to drug cartels.

"The threat from drug cartels regarding this type of act is much larger than from international terrorist groups," Credit Suisse analyst Alonso Cervera said in a commentary Friday. "Mexico has not been the victim of major acts of terrorism for the past several years. Sporadic episodes of terrorism have taken place in Mexico City, but on a rather small scale."

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