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Using the right technology and focusing on niche markets has boosted LatiNode's bottom line.


Jorge Granados follows the immigration news closely. But rather than the debate on whether to grant an amnesty or build a wall, he is specifically interested in the numbers. After all, thats his business. Granados heads up LatiNode, a Miami-based company that provides long-distance calls between the United States and Latin America. It sells directly to customers using calling cards (under the CrossFone brand) as well as to operators like AT&T, Sprint, Qwest, Telefonica and Telecom Italia.

The operators will use LatiNode VoiP connections to complement their own traditional networks. "Those are a big portion of our business," Granados says. "They buy millions of minutes a month."

It is a growing business for the the company Granados founded in an inner-city area of Miami only seven years ago. Last year, LatiNode posted...

Companies mentioned in this story: Cisco, NexTone, Pactolus, Skype, SunRocket

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