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Foreign companies are pleased with their business in Colombia and express strong optimism about the future outlook.


As U.S. lawmakers are debating whether to approve the U.S. free trade agreement with Colombia, foreign companies operating in the country are reporting positive results in the South American country.

"Colombia is a country with solid and consistent economic growth, and is showing impressive results in addressing its key challenges," says Jorge Garduño, general manager for Coca-Cola Servicios de Colombia. "Its overall stable outlook allows for long-term planning and investment."

Coca-Cola isnt the only company singing the praises of Colombia. Major North American firms like General Motors, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Chubb, Black & Decker, Nortel and Dell are also reporting positive experiences in interviews with Latin Business Chronicle, as are German companies and business leaders.

The positive comments on Colombia mark a stark contrast to neighboring Venezuela, where foreign investors are growing increasingly concerned over the trend towards more nationalizations, expropriations and state control over the economy.

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