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Real Estate: Strong Monterrey Growth



1--Is commercial real estate in Monterrey growing?

Yes, everything is growing. Industrial, oiffice is gro, retail and housing

We have in Mex infornavid, the national hpoising fund, that has been growing at an exterenely fast pace.

We see the growth. Some municipalies, or rural areas of Monterry where mepty two years ago are bsolutely full of houses., thaosunads


2--How much did the commercial real estate market (office, retail, industrial) in general in Monterrey grow last year?

All growing. New idnstruial developments at least new five office bulding under socnstriuction. Due July this year.

Retails, Sam,Wal Mart and Soriana a local supermarket, ATV, a supermarket from Texas, most significant growth. Theyre very agresive in market.

Shopping malls: Yes, three shopping malls alrede finished an dtow big one sunder construction

This year.

Ovctiober this year

3--Do you have any figures on supply, vacancy rates and prices for office, retail and industrial space in Monterrey in 2006 and 2005?


the growth that

Reynosa has ahd

Is indvcele, out of roduinaryt. Almost imposible for city to keep gropwing, devel;opers doing hpoisong, diffcilt,


4--What segments are growing most? Office, retail or industrial space? Why?

5--How do you view the outlook for commercial real estate market in Monterrey in 2007?

This is going an excel;lent year, in all sectors. We have received a lot clinets fo distrual, office ma dretail. New clinets, also expansion  of old facilities. Reconevrsion of industrial zones now commercial. There are several projhecst , 15 or 20 acres of indusril, now mixed use, hopsing and commercial.


Yesterady touing with some clinets. It’s a war between two drug caretsl, fpr the control of their zones, their doing the

Were not in the middle, thank God between


23007 vs 2-0-6

Yes, absolutely much better.




I think idnsyrial will grow luttyle bit more,

Retail, ista  xid shoppinganchore dby supermarket and big store.


6--What sectors do you expect to grow most this year? Office, retail or industrial space? Why?



The ecpnmy si healthy and the people are ocnifent of raivnmg into Monetrery or exp[anding ops , growing in M weher we have alit of higly tedbicla skills , labor,

Several unievsrities.


Yes,COInfidenec in future.



The bfisrt benefit,m ghly skiled technical force, and vailblty city offersm the unievsrtues that Monetary ahs compared to other cities

The sfatey of the city and yhe wlinges of people to imropve work, those are the advatnegs

Plus we have state government fouised o volsing issues very fast.




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