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Customs Overview


2. Customs to speed up process

As part of the requirements of DR-CAFTA and Law 226-06, the Customs Department will try to clear freight within 48 hours of the merchandise arriving at Dominican ports. Customs Technical director Eduardo Rodriguez made the announcement and said that Customs has an information exchange system with the US and the other DR-CAFTA countries that will allow importers to clear the merchandise and subsequently verify its origins and all other information. Rodriguez says that DR-CAFTA has changed the role of Customs, making it an administrator of trade agreements.

Rodriguez also explained that vehicles must comply with the rules of origin, meaning that although a vehicle might be a US brand it has to be US-manufactured in order to qualify for entering the DR with reduced tariffs. Rodriguez pointed to the example of Toyota vehicles made in the US that enter the DR with just 15% duty. In an interview with almomento.net, Treasury Minister Vicente Bengoa explained that 10 types of US-made vehicles that comply with the rules of origin are already entering the DR without tariffs and that this would include a wider variety of vehicles and car replacement parts in the future.


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