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Guatemala: Economic Success

Good infrastructure, a relatively open economy and good location are among the top benefits Guatemala offers foreign investors.


Jorge Granados is bullish on Guatemala. The head of Miami-based telecom provider LatiNode chose Guatemala as one of four key markets in Latin America for the companys voice-over-IP service.

"Its a stable country, with good quality of people [including] good engineers that work very professional," he says. And even more important for a company like LatiNode, Guatemala offers an attractive regulatory environment and telecom market.

"Guatemala is an open country for telecom - one of the few ...in Latin America," he says.

And telecom isnt the only area thats open. In general, Guatemala also has a free market, with no government involvement or monopolies in basic services, points out Carolina Castellanos, the executive director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Guatemala.


Guatemalas economy, the largest in Central America, last year grew by 4.6...

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