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Samsung SGH-D900

Samsung launches the ultra-thin D900 in Latin America.

The Samsung SGH-D900, the ultra-thin cameraphone from the Korean conglomerate, is being launched in Latin America. Starting this month it will be available in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. That follows recent launches in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. And in April, it will be ready for sale in Costa Rica.

The 12.9 millimeter thin phone is considered one of the thinnest and slimmest in the world. It features camera-capability, with 3.0 megapixels and auto focus. It also plays MP3 files and a variety of AAC files (and gives you the option to load more files through a microSD card). The phone uses global GSM quad-band, which means it can work anywhere in the world there is a GSM network.

In the United States, it retails for $329.99.


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