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FreeEnterpriser.com, USA, Jan 2007

Chile: Goldman Sachs Dispute
FreeEnterpriser in the news…The Latin Business Chronicle reports on our listing of Hank Paulson as one of the worst CEOs of 2006 (see story at bottom)

Goldman Sachs is using its public relations machine to cover up its “land steal” from shareholders. The boys at Goldman are smart. They can wrap Paulson’s looting of shareholder’s assets in a shroud of environmental awards to keep the truth from being discovered. As it was once said, “the best defense is a good offense.”

The award also raises an interesting question: Did now Treasury Secretary Paulson use his insider Cabinet position to score the State Department award?

Here is the story:
Last week, US Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson was named the third-worst CEO of 2006 by FreeEnterpriser.com, a web site run by the Washington, D.C.-based Free Enterprise Education Institute. The reason? Goldman Sachs donated 680,000 acres of land in Chile to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).Read more

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