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Readers and Traffic


Latin Business Chronicle has around 17,000 unique visitors per month, according to Google Analytics. The number of visits and pageviews are both higher than other sites Google compares us with. In the case of pageviews, for example, they're 260 percent higher than the category average.


In terms of geographic origin of our traffic, the United States typically accounts for 60 percent. During the past month, the top ten countries for visits were:

1) United States
2) Canada
3) United Kingdom

4) Brazil
) Panama
6) Mexico
7) India
8) Colombia
9) Argentina
10) Costa Rica


Our readers are mainly business executives from Fortune 500 companies. See some of our most prominent subscribers, for example.


According to our latest reader survey*,

  • 27.0 percent make the final decision on travel, 18.9 percent on banking, 18.9 percent on technology and
  • 16.2 percent on all (as well as office rent and lease).
    20.5 percent of our readers work at companies with annual sales between $25 and $500 million, while
  • 12.9 percent represent companies with annual sales between $500 million and more than $1 billion.
  • 17.0 percent are CEOs.
  • 58.7 percent work for companies based in the United States, 30.4 percent for companies based in Latin America and 8.7 percent for companies based in Europe.


*Online survey with less than 100 respondents

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