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Latin Business Chronicle

Rating Average: 45.2


    This is the website for the Latin Business Chronicle, a provider of indepth reports, commentaries and colums that strive to uncover the trends behind daily economic news in Latin America.


    This website gives lives up to its avowed purpose. It makes a clean and concise presentation, and provides intelligent and current analysis of the large economic issues that face Latin America. It is more than a clearing house of information generated by other parties, but it is the host to approximately 500 outside links. While the website does mention social issues such as poverty, its is slanted in favor of issues of interest to the business world. Users of this website should expect material favorable to free trade, privatization, and laissez-capitalism but all with a reasonalbe degree of detachment. In addition to pieces written for this website, the user will find valuable lists of books and other research pertinent to Latin American economic issues and written by renown scholars. The content of the website and references in the website meet high standards of quality.


    This website provides a balanced combination of speeches, reports, lists for further reading, and country specific information and links.

    The home page may print out to as many as thirty pages, underlining the importance of using the search engine on this website.
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