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World Economic Forum Introduction: Latin America 2.0

World Economic Forum Introduction: Latin America 2.0

What’s new on the list of things that best promote competitiveness and development in the region? Experts talk about labor skills, innovation, cities, trade, and entrepreneurship.   Over the next 12 months, 20 people from Latin American government, academia and the corporate sector will “experiment” in a laboratory to see what creates the highest impact [...]

COUNTRY REPORT – PANAMÁ: Martinelli’s Legacy

COUNTRY REPORT – PANAMÁ: Martinelli’s Legacy

Ricardo Martinelli is leaving office in July with sky-high job approval numbers and a long list of achievements, but also a wake of strong-arm tactics that have given rise to detractors angling for change. During five years as Panamá’s president, Ricardo Martinelli has forged a reputation for winning ugly. He favors a bruising, Chris Christie-like [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: The Business of Strategic Consulting

SPECIAL REPORT: The Business of Strategic Consulting

The consulting industry is growing at double-digit rates in the region, as a result of the profound changes in the corporate environment. What will the leaders in this sector do in 2014 to cash in on the boom? The Latin American economic boom of recent years extends to the business of strategic consulting companies. The [...]

INTERVIEW – PARAGUAY’S MINISTER OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE: Today, we have what we never had before, markets.

INTERVIEW – PARAGUAY’S MINISTER OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE: Today, we have what we never had before, markets.

Gustavo Leite, Paraguay’s minister of industry and commerce, highlights the elements that are luring foreign investors to his country. His predictions for 2014. With an economic growth rate of 13 percent in 2013, Paraguay has become one of the most interesting places to invest. With a stable legal and macroeconomic environment and a large market [...]

FUTURE: Panama Canal

FUTURE: Panama Canal

The Big Ditch is about to get bigger – and busier. Despite a nasty contract dispute this year that provoked work stoppages and cost overruns, a new, larger set of locks on the Panamá Canal is expected to begin operating in December 2015, according to Jorge Quijano, administrator of the Panamá Canal Authority, known by [...]

FOUNDATIONS – SOCIAL CAUSE ORGANIZATIONS: Measuring social impact, A necessary approach in philanthropy

FOUNDATIONS – SOCIAL CAUSE ORGANIZATIONS: Measuring social impact, A necessary approach in philanthropy

Traditionally, donors had limited information to make difficult giving decisions. New trends in the way social cause organizations measure their impact is now helping donors get more “bang for their buck.” A child’s life in South Africa is saved from malaria, an ex-convict in New York City starts his own small business and never goes [...]


WEF – INNOVATION: Latin America’s innovation agenda

The region faces numerous challenges in deepening its innovative capacity. To begin, there are desperate lags in the fundamental building blocks of an innovative society. Entrepreneurship is the watchword. Two puzzles from the distant year 1900 speak to the current debate on Latin American growth and trade policy. First, if natural resources are intrinsically cursed, [...]

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WEF – HUMAN CAPITAL: Liberating Human Potential

A look at what Latin America must do to face the challenges of developing its talent in the “Human Age.” The issue of human capital is one of Latin America’s most important challenges. According to data from the International Labour Organization (ILO), the rate of youth unemployment in 2013 was 14.5 percent. Paradoxically, the ManPower [...]

WEF – SUSTAINABLE CITIES: Happiness depends on urban design

WEF – SUSTAINABLE CITIES: Happiness depends on urban design

How to plan cities that help make their citizens happy? The formula is very clear. Improving public spaces is never a priority for mayors for the simple reason that this is something of little interest to the people. Security, the condition of the streets and mobility are of more immediate concern to citizens. That’s the [...]


WEF – TRADE: Development models or growth tactics?

Import substitution practices shielded Brazil and in general, Latin America, from the effects of the global recession. Now it’s time to rethink trade and openness. Many around the world believed until recently that Latin America – and particularly Brazil – had devised an economic formula assembling high growth and social inclusion. But that magic recipe [...]

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WEF – ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The making of an entrepreneur

According to research, entrepreneurial success depends not on the wealth of the parents, but on a collection of values and experiences that are acquired early in life. In theory, Latin America is full of entrepreneurs: almost one-quarter of those employed in Argentina aren’t paid a salary, but are owners of their own businesses. In Colombia and [...]

Former Chilean President Sebastián Piñera shakes hands with new president,  Michelle Bachelet. Photo: PRESIDENCY OF CHILE/Xinhua/Photoshot/Newscom

Is Chile about to lose its shine?

Bachelet, a socialist, was sworn in on March 11, four years after she left office, and her second government promises to be more radical than her first. A deep tax reform and a hard-liner environmental stance could do harm to business conditions in the country. For years, Chile has been regarded as the safest country [...]

Eduardo Eurnekian, head of Corporación America. Photo Courtesy Of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

MULTILATINAS – Six Semicondutores: Six Is A Crowd

A wealthy Argentine entrepreneur comes to the rescue of Brazil’s industrial policy dream.     The hilly landscape of Minas Gerais is slowly changing. A yellow and white striped building is emerging from the sleepy town of Ribeirão das Neves in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte. Yet, it is not a mine. It is [...]

Cinemex expansion plans include theater upgrades and new service models. • Photo: Agencia el Universal/El Universal de Mxico/Newscom

MULTILATINA – CINEMEX: Multilatina in the works

Founded in 1995, México’s second chain of cinemas eyes international expansion. Mexicans were the world’s fifth most avid moviegoers in 2011. By 2013, they had moved up to fourth place, but they still lag behind the leaders. India had 2.724 billion ticket sales, the United States 1.258 million and China 469 million. In 2013, Mexican [...]

Agribusiness – Peru: A Green Engine

Agribusiness – Peru: A Green Engine

Agricultural production in 2014 is set to reach its 13th year of consecutive growth. Exports will probably rise 20 percent, thanks in part to investments in technology and infrastructure. Agricultural production in Perú is set for another year of growth in 2014, part of a decade-long trend that has seen the Andean country establish itself as [...]

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Agribusiness – Argentina: Seeds of Havoc?

Politics are the key to understanding the complexity of recent changes in Argentine rural production. In most countries, agricultural exports are tied to global prices and demand, weather patterns, and sanitary considerations. In Argentina, these forces are also present, but they play second fiddle to other factors such as politics, foreign reserves, and inflation. And, [...]

LAB 4+ summit of regional entrepreneurs, held in Santiago • Photo: Gideon Long

The New Entrepreneurs

Latin American entrepreneurs are beginning to show interesting and innovative products tied to technology, from skin grafts, electric vehicles and logistics to remote ticket sales. Will these products create a new environment for company growth?In a warehouse on the outskirts of Santiago, Daniel Pavez is building what he says will be Chile’s first homegrown electrically [...]

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Caribbean: The Golden islands

The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, St.Kitts and Nevis, and Antigua and Barbuda have some of the highest per capita income in the region according to the IMF. Some of these islands have a larger per head income than Chile or Argentina. Increased, but modest growth, is to be expected in 2014. Increased but uneven growth [...]

Photo: Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images/Newscom

POLICY AGENDA Venezuela: Maduromics

Again, Venezuela is set to post the world’s highest inflation in 2014. A first year economics student could illustrate amply why inflation is a tax on the poor. Price increases have turned into a paradoxically sustained punishment to the poor in socialist Venezuela, which maintains the infamous record of having the world’s largest inflation, with [...]

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto (R) holds up the document that introduces constitutional reforms in the area of oil and energy in México City, México. The reforms will allow foreign firms to participate in the exploitation of oil for the first time since 1938. • Photo: Alex Cruz/EFE/Newscom

POLICY AGENDA: Mexico’s hollow reforms

The real impact of the reforms to the energy and telecommunications sectors, and to the political, electoral, and education systems, will remain low until the so-called enabling laws are enacted. The final destiny of reforms is highly dependent on the next round of legislation. The devil is in the details. A 22-page preamble and two [...]

Bottles of Corona beer, distributed and marketed in the U.S. by Constellation Brands, are seen in México City. Photo: Edgard Garrido/Reuters/Newscom

The Biggest Business Deals

in Latin America in 2013 Latin America racked up more than $20 billion dollars in the 10 largest mergers and acquisitions. Two other important deals in the region added another $15 billion. Brazil, México and Colombia are the leading players in this story. It took until mid-2013 to finalize the $20.1 billion acquisition by the [...]

Cars are driven to the entrance of the free trade zone in Shanghai, China. China has devoted an island to free trade. On an area of 11 square miles, China will test its future economy • Photo: Stephan Scheuer/dpa/picture-alliance/Newscom

A lab for reforms

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone was created as the test bed for reforms, which will facilitate outbound investment of Chinese companies. Infrastructure will probably lure these firms to Latin America. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone was eerily quiet when it opened for business three months ago. Vacant office towers stood over empty truck terminals, as [...]

Photo: Élida Bustos

Trade: Undiscovered Russia

Yekaterinburg is a dynamic market eager for Latin American products and investments. Russia is open for business, with 140 million people keen to consume. But, not everything happens in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Russia’s third city, Yekaterinburg, located east of the Urals, the mountain chain that divides Europe from Asia, is settled in one of [...]

Image of the Jumbo Store, the first bearing the mark of Cencosud Group, Chile. Operated by Carrefour. • Photo: DIEGO SANTACRUZ GDA Photo Service/Newscom

A shopping center boom

The expansion of the region’s middle class is spurring the growth of the retail sector, which is already ringing up billions of dollars in sales, and is still growing. Shopping centers are taking off in Latin America. Their growth is tied to the countries’ economic situation, and that’s the main reason for the sector’s strong [...]

Braskem’s PVC plant in Marechal Deodoro, Alagoas, Brazil • Photo: Courtesy Of Braskem

Peak Performance

Brazil’s Braskem is among the biggest gainers in 2013. Tax cuts, acquisitions and an innovative investment plan were key to its results. Braskem’s shares soared nearly 57 percent last year through December 20, in local currency terms, as Latin America’s largest petrochemical company benefited from tax exemptions, started planning investments in shale gas in the [...]

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The Lithium Triangle

Buried in three South American salt flats are the largest proven reserves of lithium on the planet. The metal is used in the manufacture of long-life batteries and is indispensible in the era of laptops, cell phones and electric automobiles.     Together, the salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia, Atacama in Chile and Hombre [...]

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The Best of Travel

The Best of Travel

Latin America is a vast region with lots of different choices for today’s business traveler. We’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 business destinations in the region, as well as the most important industries that serve travelers, to come up with a definitive guide to the best travel experiences in Latin America, as well [...]

The Signs of Change

The Signs of Change

TIMELINE: 20 Years of Politics and Economics in Latin America

TIMELINE: 20 Years of Politics and Economics in Latin America

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