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Best of Travel

Best of Travel

Latin Trade started polling readers about hotels and restaurants for business travel in Latin America and the Caribbean nearly a decade ago. The ninth annual survey results are in, and Latin Trade proudly presents readers’ top choices for 2011 in 19 cities in 16 countries.

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Best of Travel: Post Mergers

Mega-mergers and new alliances forged in the past six months have given Latin American business travelers a score of additional options. But as this merger era underscores, competition is fierce. The fight to fill seats with executives has shifted into high gear.

Restaurante  Figueira  Rubaiyat

Best of Travel: Brazil

Readers’ Choices. Brazil: TOP Hotels in São Paulo. Brazil: TOP Restaurants in São Paulo. Brazil: TOP Hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil: TOP Restaurants in Rio de Janeiro.

Mexico City

Best of Travel: Mexico

Readers’ Choices. Mexico: TOP Hotels in Mexico City. Mexico: TOP Restaurants in Mexico City.


Best of Travel: Southern Cone

Readers’ Choices. Argentina: TOP Hotels in Buenos Aires. Argentina: TOP Restaurants in Buenos Aires. Chile: TOP Hotels in Santiago. Chile: TOP Restaurants in Santiago. Uruguay: TOP Hotels in Montevideo. Uruguay: TOP Restaurants in Montevideo.

Best of Travel: Colombia

Best of Travel: Colombia

Readers’ Choices. Colombia: TOP Hotels in Bogota and Medellin. Colombia: TOP Restaurants in Bogota and Medellin.

Best of Travel: Peru

Best of Travel: Peru

Readers’ Choices. Peru: TOP Hotels in Lima. Peru: TOP Restaurants in Lima.


Best of Travel: Ecuador

Readers’ Choices. Ecuador: TOP Hotels in Quito and Guayaquil. Ecuador: TOP Restaurants in Quito and Guayaquil.


Best of Travel: Venezuela

Readers’ Choices. Venezuela: TOP Hotels in Caracas. Venezuela: TOP Restaurants in Caracas.

Best of Travel: Central America & The Caribbean

Best of Travel: Central America & The Caribbean

Readers’ Choices. Central America & The Caribbean: TOP Hotels. Panama: TOP Restaurants in Panama City. Central America: TOP Restaurants.

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Best of Travel: Less is More

Edgy décor, gourmet restaurants and upscale amenities may draw accolades and a well-heeled clientele to Latin America’s posh hotels, yet the most powerful hospitality brands are turning their sights on less luxurious lodgings.