Monterrey, Mexico: Ask the Concierge

Sheraton Ambassador Monterrey Hotel (Courtesy of Starwood Hotels)

The 229-room Sheraton Ambassador Monterrey Hotel is centrally located near the Macroplaza, one of Monterrey’s main geographic hubs. The property has a health club, outdoor pool, tennis and racquetball courts, plus 11 meeting rooms and a Grand Ballroom that accommodates 750 people. Concierge Andres Santiago offers his tips for making the most out of a trip to Monterrey.

What restaurants in Monterrey would you recommend for a professional lunch or dinner?

I definitely recommend the award-winning restaurant Los Vitrales, considered one of the best in town – open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, El Tio, El Gran San Carlos and La Nacional are great places to have dinner.

What kind of cuisine should I try during my visit?

As a typical northern state, the most famous and delicious dishes are made from meat such as baby goat, barbecues and discada (pork and beef mixed with tomato sauce). Beer is the most famous drink, due to the fact that the biggest breweries are in the northwest, with several kinds to taste, dark and light.

I have 24 hours in Monterrey. What itinerary would you recommend?

A walking tour in historic Monterrey, the Santa Lucia river walk, Horno3, the art museum MARCO and Mexican National History Museums.

Sheraton Ambassador is located in downtown Monterrey, so it is an excellent location to start the route. Santa Lucia river walk is a great way to spend a special day where you will learn about the history and culture of Monterrey.

Either by boat or on foot, the two-kilometer route is full of unique artworks, delicious restaurants, cafés and shops.

Can you suggest one or two places to shop?

Galerías Monterrey and Valle Oriente Malls,  just 15 minutes away from Sheraton Ambassador. They are the most fashionable in town, where shops such as Liverpool, Levis, LOB, Mango, Zara, Adidas, Nike, Marti and many others are available, as well as  services like travel agencies and banks.

Morelos Ave. is located in the   Monterrey historic district, where several boutiques, jewelers, music and video games stores, local and fast food restaurants, and art and crafts markets are located — there are even live music and urban shows are on this major avenue.

Where are the must-buys?

The most popular items that visitors take home are handmade arts and crafts.

What safety measures do you recommend?

We suggest using common precautions as when traveling to any foreign country.

We recommend our guest be always accompanied if they are doing activities outside of the hotel, take cabs arranged by the hotel, take a reasonable amount of cash for their daily expenses, use safety boxes in the room and leave their passport, visa, jewelry and credit cards inside.

I have many meetings in the city. What is the best way to get around?

A taxi hired at the hotel. The cost per hour is 200 pesos ($15).

What is the appropriate amount to tip a taxi driver and in restaurants?

Taxis: 20 pesos per tour ($1.5). And from 10 percent to 15 percent of the check in restaurants.


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