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Not too long ago, leather was the material of choice to protect valuable belongings. Durable, supple and able to take a variety of hues, leather these days is more of a fashion statement. Still, leather retains all the qualities that make a wonderful wrapping for items that matter the most.

Dressing Box

chocolate-mara-mens-accessSince 1887, the House of Smythson has been turning out fine travel goods from its Bond Street headquarters in London. Handy for your next trip or to stay at home: this chocolate brown calfskin case is built to hold and protect two watches, along with room for cufflinks, studs and pens. There is also a coin tray for emptying your pockets at the end of the day.

For the personal touch, Smythson will gold-stamp the box with lettering or one of several motifs. The company has been a purveyor to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth since 1964, so consider them vetted. This dressing box starts at US$1,100. For more information go to

Two-Pen Pouch

montblancFor many people, pens are the modern day equivalent of swords and every pen occasionally needs to be sheathed. Montblanc provides a beautiful storage site for the weaponry of words, with this natural full-grain calfskin leather pouch that holds two writing instruments. It comes in tan, black, red or violet, each embossed with the Montblanc name and star emblem. The price starts at US$110. You can find more information at

Sommelier Corkscrew and Leather Case

corkscrewSommeliers and wine connoisseurs are just as particular about what they use to uncork a bottle are they are about its contents. This stainless steel corkscrew is encased in rosewood, and, when not in use, it can reside in its natural leather pouch. With a simple tab closure, the pouch comes in tan or black. San Francisco-based Mulholland is a family-owned business specializing in leather goods. The price for the corkscrew and case is a modest US$50. For more information visit

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About the Author: William Plasencia is the former managing editor for Latin Trade.

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